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I played through the demo and had a wonderful time :)

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It was made well on the technical side, but as far as "fun" or "interesting" I don't think it really made the mark.

At the end of the day, it was a string of fetch quests. I know that's all most games really are at the end of the day, but something about this one made it feel very apparent to me. It could have been all the walking between points of making progress, since nothing ever happened unless I was reading a note or finding an item, it just felt like a slow chore getting through each task.

The main premise of the game is really cool, but it doesn't make much sense that the colonists can get NEW information from OLD simulations? A simulation is not the same thing as time traveling, you can't get NEW information out of a simulation, and if you do, it ONLY applies to the simulation, not real life. So what's the point?

I really hope you continue because with the pacing/story cleaned up a bit I think this could be a really awesome little game. Keep it up!

EDIT: I ended up doing a Lumps Play for this. Cheers!

Going deep into Artifical Reality has never been more depressing. Wth beautiful graphics this chapter tells you the story of a man ready to give his all for a cause he believes in!

First five minutes were spent to figure out what the action button is, lots of wasted time right there, could have just written it in the game options menu or write it on the screen, it was an instant turn off at the very beginning. Object placement seems very odd, like why would 3 trashcans in a 5 meter long hallway or pillars in the ground in a small open indoor space, no cars would ever get there. Shouldn't do puzzles that relay on reading all the text, the player ends up wasting a lot of time and gets frustrated. Don't use the same asset in one place so much. Player could move faster and overall the movement could be made better. Loved the sound design and the text that was written with shiny letters. Graphics are nice of course. Generally should have way less text, you can always find ways to say things without using words and blocks of text, but of course it's more difficult. Can't say i enjoyed the experience, given the time it took to do everything, but this has good potential.