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HANZ! is a single player top-down shooter. 

(This is only a DEMO of our game. it will be available in October!)

Steam game page: https://store.steampowered.com/app/921770/HANZ/


Attention, my plush fellow citizens! The enemy is already on the border of our Motherland –  the Carrot Republic! Soldiers of the Cabbage Empire destroy our corn fields, their steel boots trample our radishes, onions and other greens! We can't retreat! There are only the plantation of carrots behind! We must fight back the enemy and remove his plush foot from our sacred land! Not one step back!

If you are brave enough, if you are a real patriot of the Carrot Republic – join the Carrot army in the new top-down shooter [b]HANZ[/b]! Become a hero of your country!


The game features the following modes:

  • Linear

Go through a difficult path from beginning to end of the level, destroying enemies on your way.

  • Capture the flag

Capture the enemy camp and raise your flag as high as possible.

  • Tower defense

Survive by killing waves of enemies. Turrets will be a great helper for you.

  • Chambers of good and positive

Stop shooting at enemies! Invite them to tea in the chambers of good and positive.

  • Bosses

Fight with the most dangerous inhabitants of the galaxy!

  • Bonus levels

Get the opportunity to feel like a farmer. Catch as many enemies as possible on the combine. And let no one run away from you.


HANZ DEMO.rar 362 MB

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Sorry to say I'm joining those with critiques around the gameplay depth. At least in the demo, there just isn't much there. There also isn't much as far as animation feedback; especially for a wave-based game you really need to be able to tell what's going on. Hope these sorts of things are addressed in the full version.

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In this game you kill, kill, and wait for it... KILL

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So, the game is certainly a bit shocking due to its contrast of adorable animals and bloody violence, but when it comes to gameplay, there doesn't seem to much more than walk backwards and shoot. I left really detailed feedback at the end of the video and I'm sure there's more to it that I didn't see, but it managed to lose my interest pretty quickly due to the monotony of the gameplay.

So many furries in this game. :)