A downloadable game for Windows

Hi everybody! We would like to present you our new game BLIK


BLIK is a fascinating spatial first-person puzzle.

You are a student at one of the best educational institutions in the world! You are taught to arrange platforms, which will undoubtedly be useful in the future profession. The students’ task is to complete the study program course by solving all the puzzles and passing the final test! Be smart and diligent. Become a real professional! The Academy guarantees that each graduate will work in the best corporations of the world! Be part of a wonderful future! The Academy believes in each of you! Become the pride of the Academy!

We hope that you will like our game! It is really very important for us to receive your feedback, wishes and comments.

Demo version is available for download.

The release on Steam is planned for February 6.


BLIK Demo 143 MB


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Dear developer, please update game to directx12 with raytracing support. Please add daynight cycle and weather effects. I found a bug where if you press ctrl button on stairs then player would not continue walking. God bless you.

looking really forward o this game maybe less motion blur but it is a really cool game

my mouse doesnt stay inside the game even when fullscreen, it will move onto my additional monitors

yo the narration kind of ruins it for me

This game is awesome! I can't wait for it too realese! I've alredy put it in my wishlist on steam!
A truly enjoyable and pleasant game experience which also looks good.

I'm hoping for more and more advanced puzzles in the full realese!

Good job!

Gave error while downloading. Error code 403. Please see to it

Made a video 

This was a great game! I would add the ability to look back and see where your bullets are going.

I feel as if you should put more time into making the character's movement feel good, not just functional. I felt like a limp legged man who got off a trampoline and tried to jump right afterwards. Also while strafing and moving the camera it stutters in a weird fashion.

3D TV VR box google cardboard stereoscopic 3D Side by Side SBS

It looks so much like Portal I can't help but be paranoid as fuck about the optimistic note of that story summary. Because, you know. Portal.
But the similarity need not be seen as a negative aspect because I loved Portal and it's why I clicked on this game.

Really curious.

This is a really amazing game. I can tell that it must've been heavily inspired by portal however you took it to an interesting new level. New puzzles, new mechanics, new game. I love it and I'll be playing it on the release on Feb. 6th!

Super short but an awesome rendition of the portal style game! Its also really nice to see it already has a full steam release date! Great job cant wait for the full version!

Really Short but really fun, I can't wait to see more

Awesome Demo.Enjoyed your game's demo so much, I made a video on YouTube! Hope you all will enjoyed! Cause I did!!

You somehow ripped off both portal and the turing test and ended with a boring, sluggish experience. Not great.

Love it, Its like a new portal!!!

Excellent demo. I had some suggestions like some supplementary dialogue at the beginning of the game (like a coffee sip or an assistant fiddling with the lights), but otherwise it was very fun. Also, it'd be nice if the gun was more prominent! Right now it's a bit small on the screen, and the core game mechanic is focused on the gun, so IMO it should be well detailed and be prominent on the screen.

Can't wait for the full release!

Only issue is constantly clicking out of it. if this was solved, it would be perfect

Very god game i willmaybe even make a vid on this!!!!

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Great Game! this has all the reasons to have a series like portal! graphics are great beautiful, gameplay is amazing, and there is so much more I could say about it, Overall, Love it and I can't wait febuary for the full release!


I love it! It fills that void that I've had waiting for the next Portal game. The graphics are very nice, and of course the style is directly from Portal, which I really like seeing. I'm hoping there is more humor in the full game from male GLaDOS, yes that is what I'm going to call him until he has a name. I'm looking forward to the challenge of the full release, this teaser stuff was pretty simple, but I like how the mechanics work. Great job, love it!

Great game. I totally love the idea and level designs both visually and gameplay-wise. A few points I would like to make:

  •  Although all the puzzles in the demo level were easy to solve, some levels needed some trial and error to get the angle right since I am bad at aiming. Naturally when I shoot at a mirror, I expect to hit what I see in the reflection. The red panels (the ones that reflect bullets based on the angle of incidence) does reflect the environment but Unity's  reflection probe are far from accurate so it can be misleading.
  • The dialog in the beginning felt a little bit long. I know that I am impatient but I feel it would be better if it was either shorter, or we were given something to do while  he does the talking such as having a bigger room or a corridor to move through or explore.
  • This one is a nitpick but the reflections on the floor look really inaccurate since they need parallax correction. I mainly noticed this in the first room few rooms where the ground is very smooth. In box-like rooms, This can be easily fixed in Unity using  Box Projection as mentioned here: https://docs.unity3d.com/Manual/AdvancedRefProbe.html or by avoiding smooth reflective surfaces.
  • I agree with others who mentioned that the bloom is too strong (except if it was intentional).

Anyway. Thanks a lot for the great demo. I truly enjoyed playing it.

The game really has a good concept and I can't wait for the full release. 

Wondering if this game was inspired a little from portal? I have never played the game but, seems like it might be inspired a little from it or, maybe just a conciedence?  I suck at puzzles and, shooters. One thing I wanted to ask though will there be a reticule in the full release? I think having a sight/crosshair on the blaster would help a ton.

Mouse doesn't stay inside the game, makes it super annoying to play so I won't attempt to play the game. Hopefully that gets fixed so I can try it out!

this game is great! Congrats devs! 

This is well worth a play so get it downloaded and give it a try. Great game... :)

Great graphics and the demo seemed like a great introduction to what might come. Well done DEV



I look forward to more challenging levels in the full release. And expose the LIE that is the 'Academy'. :)  


Not bad at all! I really like the geometry based puzzles and the voice acting is great. I ran into an issue where the voice would cut off and start the next piece of dialogue if you beat the room too quickly and the game does not capture your cursor. On a single monitor this likely wont be an issue but with my second monitor to the right of my primary I had to turn left exclusively to prevent clicking out of the game. Some of the lighting is a bit intense as well, mostly that large orange indoor lights. Pretty solid foundation!

I can absolutely agree with the cursor problem. While it adds to the puzzle aspect to have to move without clicking out of the game, the puzzles that are meant to be solved in the game are far more fun.

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